The Adventure

Be apart of the adventure with LuAna's Bookshelf.  Read the stories,
​feel the experiences and fall in love with the children.

Luanas Bookshelf is dedicated to helping schools around the world in a different sort of way.  I, Heidi-Marie, really wanted the children to be i​nvolved in raising money for their own school, and to be proud of creating something that ensures their education.  The illustrations in the Luanas Bookshelf collection, are a collaboration of drawings by the students in the school it relates to.

These articles on this page are the stories of different experiences I have had during my travels while creating these books.  Some relate to the schools and children, others are stories of adventures I have had during my travels.  Together they are the life and ride of Luanas Bookshelf.
Join me and together we help give these children the education they deserve.
Heidi-Marie  xoxo

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